Under the Group of KNK GLOBAL there are 5 verticals as follows:


KNK GLOBAL SOFT PRIVATE LIMITED is a Software development company in the Field of Health Care and Human Resources Management.

Healthcare Services

CHENNAI DOC HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED IS INTO PROVIDING Health Care Services to the needy with host of Innovative benefits.

Wealth Management

KNK WEALTH CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED is providing investment advice for Both Short, Medium and Long-term investments to various clients. KNK WEALTH is an AMFI registered Company.


KNK GLOBAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED is working on the approvals to do business as Insurance Marketing Firm.


KNK GLOBAL is a consulting firm into Private Equity, Debt Financing, marketing and Business Advisory.

VKM CORPORATION LIMITED UK is the subsidiary of KNK GLOBAL SOFT PRIVATE LIMITED and is into consulting business out of London.

In Sri Lanka KNK GLOBAL SOFT PRIVATE LIMITED has a Strategic partnership with Chelinaa Capital Colombo to work on various Software projects.