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CHENNAIDOC Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., has been incorporated with a vision of serving the growing healthcare sector in India.

About Us

In most of the developed world like USA and Europe people live within the neighbourhood and very occasionally they travel out of their neighbourhood. This has been possible mainly because the infrastructure like Schools, Hospitals, Malls, Theatres and Eateries are built around the neighbourhood.

The above has never been the case in India for quite a long time. But with the cities expanding and the development taking place across the country both vertically and horizontally the living pattern of the Indians are changing rapidly.

The Traffic congestion and the lack of effective public transport system in cities have made commuting more tiresome and difficult. More than anything people are reluctant to travel too far for Healthcare. The people prefer treatment around their neighbourhood and this trend is increasing day by day.

There are other reasons also for people preferring to stay put in their neighbourhood. As in any other city in the developed world the infrastructure is slowly building up in the neighbourhood.

More importantly people in their neighbourhood prefer Good, Clean and Equipped Hospitals and Nursing homes to get them treated.

These neighbourhood hospitals have long been the backbone of the Indian Health care system in spite of the absence of organised Healthcare by the Government.

The Globalisation in India has set in motion the rapid growth of the corporate sector in major cities in the Healthcare system. These corporate hospitals have slowly spread their tentacles into the Neighbourhood by putting up Patient referral clinics. The same has made the life difficult for the Neighbourhood Hospitals.

In the above scenario CHENNAIDOC is enabling the Neighbourhood Healthcare concept by integrating these Hospitals.

Chennaidoc is the only public domain to offer the storage and retrieval of medical records both by the hospitals and the members through CHENNAIDOC “Enterprise Health Care Solution” software.